Currency Exchange

Take advantage of today’s favourable exchange rates and do whatever you can do to save money – without taking shortcuts – this is a great idea. This applies to buying property in a different country. The exchange rate can make a huge difference to the amount you pay for your property when changing from your own currency.

Most of our overseas clients use the services of Smart currency to save money on this important and costly transaction. The reason is, that even the large banks offer exchange rates that vary considerably between each other, leaving you at their mercy and exposed to fluctuations in their exchange rates.

To make life even easier for you, Marbella Property Agency happily recommends Smart Currency to help you reduce the risk whilst you’re buying your property.

Benefits of using Smart Currency exchange service over your high-street Bank

  • Save money on currency exchange – you get the best rate
  • Make exchanging money and transferring funds as simple as possible
  • Reduce your risk of losing money on currency fluctuations
  • Have more control over your finances
  • Forward buy when the rate is in your favour

How it works

Instead of accepting the exchange rate offered by your high-street bank, Smart Currency call the trading floors to negotiate a rate directly on your behalf, which can save you thousands of pounds.

You can also save money by fixing your currency exchange rate for a future purchase, to insulate yourself against adverse rate fluctuations.

Unlike your bank with an enormous staff and overheads, Smart currency specialises in this one area of finance which allows them to give you a much better deal.

We can help you get the best exchange rates on sums ranging from £1,000 to £10,000,000.

Smart currency can also help transferring your money back into Sterling once you have sold